Many people have lots of opinions on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), ranging from positive to indifferent to vehemently against any sort of fighting or violence when it comes to sport. Whilst we understand it might not be everyone’s cup of tea or be considered an “art”, MMA has its place in the world of martial arts. Maybe you’re already training, or maybe you’re keen to try out some MMA Thomastown located in our studio. Whatever level of experience and whether you’ve tried it before or not, we can guarantee that there are so many benefits and reasons why MMA should be appreciated.

Although some believe MMA to be too dangerous or don’t take it seriously as a sport, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Part of the reason MMA is perceived as being a controversial type of martial art is because of misconceptions around the sport. Think it’s just a bunch of fighters grappling with each other, throwing punches and hoping something sticks? Think again. We’re here to bust some myths around the practice of MMA.

MMA and UFC Are not the Same

This myth is one that is commonly bandied about, where people will use the two acronyms interchangeably when they aren’t the same thing. Technically you would be correct in saying that UFC is a type of mixed martial art, but it has its own distinct and defining features. UFC is just one promotion of the sport and arguably the most well-known subcategory of MMA, and indeed UFC fighters do practice MMA. Two other notable MMA promotions RFA and Bellator in addition to a number of others

Ground Combat Styles Come Across as Boring

First-timer viewers of ground combat styles of fighting can sometimes prescribe to the idea of MMA being boring because they might not understand how it works or the intricacies of the moves. These movements carry a lot of science and thinking behind them, where MMA fighters are constantly working to be in the dominant position in order to push their opponent into submission. This requires skill, strength and conditioning and is very hard work, so for spectators watching the sport for the first time to say that they find it boring can come across as insulting.

There Are No Rules or Guidelines

Although it might seem like this from the outside, when you actually take a look in closer detail at the sport, this is absolutely not the case. It’s probably one of the biggest assumptions people make about MMA. UFC and other promotions actually require fighters to follow very strict guidelines in order to keep people safe. There is also an incentive for fighters to actually stick to the rules as well. For example, if rules are broken during a UFC game, points can be taken away from the offending player, which doesn’t bode well for someone when they’re trying to win. Fighters need to be cautious that they don’t violate the rules in order to secure a victory and show respect to their opponent and the sport.

MMA is too Dangerous

Part of the reason some people believe that MMA is too dangerous a sport is because they tend to confuse it with street fighting. MMA may have started out as a bit of an underground sport and although it does share some similarities with street fighting, the two are definitely not the same. There are no rules in street fighting and often people partaking in these fights will not have any or much formal training or experience under their belt. MMA on the other hand is a refined sport that requires work to become good at, and in addition to rules, you and your opponent are in a controlled environment, where appropriate uniform and checking for weapons ensures that everyone involved is safe.

Here at Senshi Academy, we truly enjoy learning about the practice of MMA and sharing information about the sport with our patrons alongside our expertise and knowledge of the industry. We hope that this has given people a better understanding of MMA and potentially encourages you to try out some training with us.