Now that lock-down measures are lifting, women are keen to take up fitness classes again. Traditionally the aggressive image of boxing training was off-putting for women, but these days we’re ready to conquer our fears and try something out-of-the-box. The health benefits of boxing are good for everyone, but they’re especially good for women. So before we tick off all the good points of boxing for the girls, let’s recap what makes Senshi Academy unique. We know there are a lot of martial arts studios in Melbourne but we think we offer something truly special: far from being intimidating, Senshi is an academy for people from all walks of life! We offer a safe, ethical and friendly environment for you to learn in, improve your fitness and boost your self confidence. The ages at Senshi range from 4 to 74 so you’ll never feel out of place. Moreover, we value motivation more than talent; all you need to do is show up and be willing to give it a try! Last but not least, our instructors are the experts. All of our coaches have undergone extensive training and won countless National and International Titles. They understand that each student is unique and tailor classes appropriately so you get the most out of your boxing experience. Whether you want to burn calories, learn self defence or change your mindset, we are skilled in the way of the warrior. So glove up, step forward, and let’s run through the top benefits of boxing for women.

It’s an awesome workout

Getting fit requires more than just jumping on the treadmill or attending a pilates class, we need to perform a variety of movements at different levels of intensity to properly work out our body. Many female dominated fitness classes (like yoga or spin) don’t provide that kind of challenge, but boxing is a fierce combination of both sustained low level exercise and high intensity interval training. In boxing you reap the benefits of both using endurance and effort. By combining aerobic exercise and anaerobic you get an optimum workout for burning fat and getting super fit.

It’s the ultimate stress relief

Got pent up frustration? Let it all out in some fierce punches. It may sound counterintuitive but rather than increasing aggression, boxing actually releases tension with every punch. It’s also liberating. Whatever is getting you down in normal life can be released on the bag, pads or even a person, in a safe environment. For this reason boxing can help you deal with day to day stress without becoming overwhelmed.

You’ll get toned to the max

It’s a misconception that boxing training will make women bulk up. Boxing training uses a lot of reps, which is exactly the kind of thing you need to be doing to tone up rather than build muscle. There’s a reason behind why models like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima love boxing so much. Boxing tones every muscle in your body without ever getting boring.